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Dakota Robin


Making a mark in the world step by step, human by human!

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Meet Dakota 

Certified Human rights Trainer | DEI Specialist | Keynote Speaker


 Expertise: Gender equality, Inclusive Leadership, 

Team Building, LGBTQ +, Intersectionality, Human Behavior

Dakota is a force of empowerment!

This unapologetic life enthusiast travels the world, educating all kinds of professionals like doctors, psychologists, politicians, and the heads of big international companies on diversity, equality and inclusion. His superpower is understanding why people do what they do, and he puts his skill to good use by creating human connections and bringing people together. With his positive energy and endless intensity, Dakota will challenge you to live life fearlessly and inspire you to be who you truly are – without trying to fit in and losing yourself. He helps individuals, families, communities, and companies to be successful and the best version of themselves.  


           Just do you, and let others do them!


Tämä kanava on saatavilla pian!

"Dakota has been training our staff at Varma for LGBTQ+ issues. He is praised for his genuine and courageous and at the same time awakening way of sharing his own experiences. He has a lot to contribute to the development of Finnish work communities."

Katri Viippola
Senior Vice President, HR, Communications and Corporate Responsibility at Varma

"Dakota held a highly insightful and professional DEI training for our personnel in May 2022. His materials were well prepared and tailored to our needs,

Great work! I can definitely recommend him. Thank you for the smooth, inspiring and supporting cooperation Dakota!"

Anni-Elina Seipäjärvi
Mechanical Engineer at John Deere

"Meeting Dakota and hearing his story opened my eyes and let me to understand how different our worlds can be. I had a chance to hear him talk twice with my colleagues and both times I was equally impressed.

I admire Dakota’s bravery and honesty required to let us walk in his shoes and see the world through his eyes for a moment."

Laura Heikkurinen 

Senior Manager
at Accenture 

"Dakota has amazing energy, that spreads around the place. Genuine niceness, professionalism, ability to develop the safe space needed to work with groups are just some of the qualities. Endless inspiration, meaningful inputs and high level of commitment. Highly recommended."

Maja Drobne
Project Manager at Association for Culture and Education PiNA

“Dakota is respected and liked as a trainer. He is able to tell his story in a lively and logical way, constantly keeping the audience's attention.

Dakota's interaction with the audiences is natural and he knows how to target his message to different target groups.”

Marita Karvinen
Education Designer 
at Seta ry

"We’ve collaborated with Dakota at Inklusiiv for various projects and Dakota has also been hosting a training for our team. Dakota has extensive understanding of DEI and LGBTQ+ topics. As a speaker, he has exceptional skills building a connection with the audience, sharing stories and educating in an inspiring way.

I also appreciate Dakota’s wisdom and humane way of approaching DEI topics. In his training, Dakota is excellent at being able to build safer spaces for learning. I can warmly recommend Dakota."

Katja Toropainen
Founder & CEO
at Inklusiiv

"Dakota Robin participated during AFRYs Inclusion & Diversity week in March 2021. He gave us a personal talk about how to become yourself and the struggle in life with the existing norms in society.

The event was digital, but Dakota talked with such a presence and interest that it felt like he was in the room with us."

Sofia Klingberg
Diversity & Inclusion Manager

"It was a joy to get to know Dakota a few years ago. From the first chat together it was clear that Dakota has a very special charisma, light, and strength within.
Dakota holds true motivation to connect, share and learn with others. 
In training sessions and events that we have collaborated with Dakota delivers experiences and a voice, that is not heard enough.
And he brings the skill to connect with any size of the audience, with knowledge, empathy, and wit."

Aaro Horsma
Executive Director at Helsinki Pride

"Dakota is exceptionally charismatic and warm. He has an extremely strong message, and at the same time manages to create a listening and stimulating atmosphere."

Jani Toivola
Former Member of the Parliament of Finland

"Dakota gave an excellent lecture to TEK's staff about DEI & LGBTQ+ in the work environment. Dakota shared his own story with us and it touched us all. His way of speaking is very impressive and his presence is strong.

The feedback from the event was hugely positive. I think this lecture would be necessary and useful for any organization. I highly recommend it."

Kati Johansson
HR Director at
Academic Engineers
and Architects -TEK


"I can warmly recommend Dakota.
It was a pleasure to invite Dakota to present a webinar about diversity and inclusion topics for aTalent staff. It's not easy to build safe environment to the audience remotely, but Dakota was able to engage us with strong presence.


Everybody felt safe asking questions and sharing thoughts and time flew when listening the thought-provoking presentation."

Ida Tapaninen
Human Resources Specialist at aTalent Recruiting

"Dakota is easy-going, outspoken and an empowering professional.

With the ability to combine his awareness and understanding of mass society, 

his own experiences and the use of practical examples, he is relatable and easy to understand. "

Henri Karttunen
Management Partner at
Nordea Bank

Dakota is a genuine storyteller with remarkable skills to captivate audiences and open eyes and ears of different audiences.

He has the competence to create safer spaces and create space where voices that are often silenced in our society can be heard.

He makes you believe in the possibility of change and offers concrete tools for it.”

Riikka Jalonen

Executive Director at

 Finnish Peace

Education Institute

Want To Book Dakota?


The one speaker you need at your event or company meeting to inspire and transform the minds!

Dakota will come to speak at your event and share his knowledge and experiences about different topics. Today Dakota is well known as one of the most understanding, energetic and inspiring leaders who vibrates goodwill, confidence and passion for life. He is not afraid to challenge the old structures of society and break stereotypes in order to make everybody feel more free and enough just as they are.

Making a mark in the world step by step, human by human!

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